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FORCE Business Lending

The Cloud Lending platform for Business Loans

The Force Business Lending platform is a modular solution that enables you, as a commercial lender, to configure lending processes, workflow, financial products, collaterals and context-sensitive acceptance rules. Together with our high-end, integrated Credit Risk Management engines, you have access to a proven end-to-end cloud business lending platform. It is aimed for loan origination-, loan management- and loan monitoring purposes, and allows you to start with distribution of loans and financial propositions with robust, proven and scalable technology at FinTech pace!
The current client community of the Force Business Lending platform include traditional (Commercial) Banks, Business Loan servicing firms / BPO’s, and online (direct) banks.

Speed up your time to market with FinTech Pace

Shape your product-, policy- and credit risk strategy by means of business rules and configurations! You are even able to start offering loans from day one, since a default, best-practise-based blueprint of KYC, financial products, interest products, processes, policies and credit risk management functions are delivered along your cloud setup: we deliver a commercial bank-in-the box!

By having lenders up-and-running on our cloud lending platform, including a direct, online self-service channel through our portal technology within four months, we have a proven track record which we are very proud of!

TTY in minutes

FORCE Business Lending completely digitizes the lending process because we have committed ourselves to a digital-first strategy: our platform collects application details and required borrower documents trough self-service portals, financial accounting information by means of XBRL (or through other standard, digital structures), it executes your policies by means of status-entry criteria and acceptance rules and it automates your underwriting process because our product engine knows which covenants and conditions (precedent and subsequent) should be included within your financing agreement! Of course, when the automated decisioning engine identifies an STP-outlier, it automatically pushes the loan request towards the next best action which may require intervention manually, depending on your design of the built-in process model. We (and your predecessors) are happy to show you a real life Time To Yes in a matter of minutes!

Credit Risk Management

FORCE Business Lending features a powerful Financial Calculation Engine, Finan Financials, which is used on a global level within 80+ countries. Finan Financials executes financial calculation rules that are defined by means of a Domain Specific Language (DSL). The credit risk management framework enables creation and maintenance of analytical models without the need of IT. Besides the DSL, the engine is PMML-ready (for execution of machine learning algorithms). Output of the analytical (credit risk) engines can be used immediately within your decisioning- and policy engines! This, on the one hand, enables lending with high compliance requirements, such as from the Basel supervisory framework, while on the other hand an extreme high degree of automation and straight through processing can be achieved. Using our Credit Risk framework means clear traceability of risk decisions and whom, when and based on what Credit Risk modelversion took them.

you can make a difference

It’s not only extreme short handling time and commercial conditions that put you on pole position with FORCE Business Lending: true customer advice is a valuable asset and can really make the difference. With sophisticated, sector specific scenario analysis, you are able to validate- and advise on the viability of the client’s management case, online, together with your client. Compare it with your bank case and discuss upon financing need: is it really the complete investment amount that should be covered by a loan? Or may there be other options, e.g., by using existing credit lines? Compare receivables positions of your client with its peers in your portfolio with built in benchmark functions and explain that pursuing debtors or tightening payment conditions on the level of its peers may result in reduced netted financing needs, while also improving your ability-to-finance. On the flip side, advising your client some additional financial sources to cover start-up costs not yet considered will be experienced as a matter of convenience; it will make you that trusted party again!

The power of FORCE Business Lending

Progress and customer engagement are the key concepts in FORCE Business Lending. We believe that whatever can be decided by means of rule-execution, should be done automatically. Focus on clients that really need your attention and banker-skills!

Our clients

Participate on Fyndoo

Front row with the network orchestrator for Business Loans!

FORCE Business Lending is an important part of our infrastructure for marketplace lending: Fyndoo. Like tech-driven disruptions for media streaming, travel industry and mobility services, Fyndoo is the platform that disrupts distribution of- and access to commercial loans: we have created a platform to make funding easy and accessible for entrepreneurs and corporates.

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BPO: Fundion

Like own productions created by media streaming service providers, we believed that it was time to proof the power of our FinTech solutions by ourselves and as such, we now can offer Business Process Outsourcing services for Business Loans on the Fyndoo infrastructure as well! If you, as a fund manager,  have the challenge and responsibility to distribute fund(s) but do not have efficient technology- and organizational capabilities as well as sound know-how of the SME Lending market, we can help you out with our newest BPO initiative: Fundion. For more information, please contact us via the contact section!

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Jamie Burink Head of Business Lending

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