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About Topicus

We know our sectors, our markets and we know the parties that operate there. Whether they are clients, end users or consumers of our customers.

Useful changes

We see what’s not working anymore, what frustrates and what can be done better, differently. Where change is useful and even necessary. Together we can make structural progress change, in the areas that affect us as human and society. From accessible care, transparent finance to thorough education and a healthy relationship with the local government.


Structural changes require insights. What moves our society? Where do they stand for? How can they achieve their new goals? It’s time to think and act differently. Find the courage to work with these new insights. Show them what is possible and tell them it’s already possible, with the right creativity, knowledge and experience.

Call for change

So we call for change. in thinking and acting. Change only feels like improvement when you see where it is going and why it is going that way. When you can already see the changes. The visible results we need to keep growing together, in an up-and-coming environment which keeps challenging us.