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Cookies policy:

Topicus uses cookies on Cookies are small text files which are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page.

Cookies Policy

The cookies policy is in force since June 2012. This means that every website who measures visitors’ behavior and saves visitors data in for example cookies is mandatory to follow the cookies policy (which are almost all websites). This policy is meant for all websites in The Netherlands or websites which have a focus on the Dutch market.Shortly the cookies policy means that when a website is using cookies they need to inform their visitors, and in some cases, ask for permission in advance.

Purpose and use of cookies by Topicus

Topicus uses cookies to identify you as a user to remember your settings on our website. Besides identifying you we also use cookies to track which pages you visit on our website.

On we use the following cookies:

First party cookies

First party cookies like functional cookies, are cookies which the website installs itself an also appeals to. These cookies are necessary to let the website function correctly and don’t save personal or traceable data.

Session cookies

Topicus uses session cookies to track your settings and data which are relevant during your visit. Think about language choice or pre-entered values on forms. These cookies are deleted automatically when you close your web browser.


Google Analytics. Through our website a cookie will be placed by the American company Google Inc. as part of the “Analytics” –service. We use these cookies to identify which pages are being used. This helps us analyse data about web page traffic and improve our website in order to tailor it to customer needs. Google can provide this data to a third party if forced by law or if the third party is processing this data. We don’t influence it.

Types and storage of Analytics cookies:

__utma: 2 years
__utmb: 30 minutes
__utmc: session
__utmv: 2 years
__utmz: 6 months

Tracking cookies

With your permission, our advertisers place “tracking cookies” on your devices. These cookies are tracking your online behavior, which website you visit in their network, to build a profile. This profile will be built with a base of similar data they receive from your visits on other websites in their network. This profile will not be matched with your name, address, email address or other personal data, but will only be used to show you relevant advertisement from Topicus.

Types and storage of cookies:

cid: 60 days
uid: 60 days

bcookie: 1 year
lidc: 24 hours